Sentini GeoSol is focused on maximizing our customers? IT potential. By concentrating for several years on this objective, we have identified areas in which significant operational efficiencies and savings can be realized.

Operational intelligence is where a customer has a vast IT infrastructure and business services that the customer wants to more easily and cost-effectively manage. To address this, we start working with tools and integrations to improve operational intelligence within existing environment.

Security solutions, where a customer has tens and hundreds of endnodes and is looking for an easy way to manage and maintain these endnodes to meet compliance and to keep endnodes updated seamlessly without much hussle.

Geospatial solutions, where Geospatial industry is no longer bound by the dual constraints of scarce data and inflexible Geographic Information System (GIS) software. With the emergence of abundant geospatial data and more adaptable toolsets, the new frontier is geospatial analytics and visualization of data tailored to meet specific industry needs.